PT. Multipolar Technology Tbk is a leading IT Systems Integrator in Indonesia that acts as a guide towards supporting clients with the best possible solutions for their business. Multipolar Technology also helps its customer find the best solutions, integrate it into existing systems to ensure a smooth transition for its stakeholders. Moreover, Multipolar Technology is a key partner to a number of world’s renowned IT principals which include IBM, Cisco, Microsoft and Oracle. It also partners with few leading IT solutions and services companies such as NCR and Infosys. Multipolar Technology’s clienteles include established names in the Financial Services, Telecommunications,Health care and Government sectors.   

To maintains standard working procedures and good corporate governance, and mitigates any risks of deviation, The Company has set up its Internal Audit (“IA”) department which controls and monitors its internal control. The Company intends to establish an Internal Audit Charter.

Vision Mission

a. Vision

To be a part of the organization that plays an active role in the control function by the assurance and consulting activities

to help the Company to achieve its Vision and Mission.


b. Mission

b.1.Enhance the role of internal audit and quality audit results through human resource development and utilization of

information systems, 

b.2. Actively overseeing all activities of corporate organizations to improve company’s performance based on the

principles of Good Corporate Governance, 

b.3. Perform consulting activities in management control system.